What is fascia and what is Myofascial Release?


Fascia is a broad band of connective tissue that supports and surrounds muscles and other organs of the body flowing throughout the entire body connecting all parts of the body in a delicate balance. It resembles a large three-dimensional spider web that intertwines and envelops all musculature down to the smallest muscle fiber. In an ideal situation, the musculature should flow freely within the fascia.

Due to stress, trauma, pathology, prolonged inactivity and other conditions, fascia become matted down and begins to adhere to itself and other structures including the musculature, nerves and vessels of the body. Fascial restrictions can affect people of all ages and professions. From athletes to people sitting at a desk all day, these restrictions can greatly affect posture and flexibility. Fascial restrictions can cause a lack of blood flow to an area, in turn depriving the musculature of oxygen, reducing range of motion and causing pain in the area and other areas. So, even if fascia is restrictive in one area, it can affect other areas, like pulling on a rope at one end, and feeling the tug at the other end.

Myofascial Release

Most people are unaware of fascial restriction and adhesions believing the problem to be musculature in origin. Myofascial Release is a set of tried and proven techniques to reduce and eliminate these restrictions. It is important that a well-trained Massage Therapist understands how this connective tissue runs throughout the body and how to release fascial restrictions. There is no one specific way to release fascial restrictions. There are several tried and proven techniques to release fascia depending on the location and the severity. A well-trained therapist can properly assess an area and determine which technique will be most effective.

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