What is a trigger point and what is Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a hypertonic (tight) band or knot in muscle tissue.

Trigger points can be microscopic to pea size. They can create a blockage in blood flow to a part of a muscle, in turn creating a lack of oxygen, creating a build-up of metabolites and in turn creating pain and restricted range of motion. Trigger points are typically identified with a radiating pain pattern. For example, a trigger point identified in the upper trapezius muscle, will radiate pain up the same side of the neck and around the ear in a question mark pattern. Every muscle in the body has a trigger point referral pattern. Most trigger points are easily palpated by a well-trained Massage Therapist. They can feel rope-like or cable like in nature. However, as some trigger points can be microscopic, a therapist will palpate a flutter pattern when the trigger point is compressed and/or a slightly warmer area than the surrounding tissue. It is important to be in constant contact with a client to ensure a trigger point is located properly. As most conventional treatment of pain deals with pain on site, trigger point are often misdiagnosed as other conditions. Trigger points can cause symptoms of headaches, low back pain, and mimic other conditions such as tendinitisbursitis and joint pain.

Trigger point Therapy

Trigger point Therapy, involves several techniques to eliminate trigger points including compression and deep stroking massage. Chronic trigger points may require several treatments before they are eliminated completely.

For more information on trigger points and Trigger Point Therapy treatment protocols, please contact me a [email protected]

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